Donald Trump’s Speech to Congress Tone Analysis

Well I must say its a bit weird to be writing a bunch of blog posts about analyzing the tone of news websites and presidential speeches, and the next day see a headline about the tone of the presidents latest speech. Trumps latest speech was a departure from previous trump, but I wondered can we quantify that. I dropped Trumps latest speech through the ole Tone-O-Matic 5000 and while the news seems to think the tone is different, analysis says otherwise:

Trump Speech to Congress on Feb 28, 2017
Trump’s speech to CPAC

As we can see, the speech was slightly less sad (which is interesting considering the crying going on during the speech). It was significantly more analytical and confident. It was 14% more conscientious.

So having not watched the speech completely – I solely am parsing it through this analysis. Unfortunately I am not seeing, at least at this time, in the data enough to represent the significant change in how the news media is reporting the tone change in the speech. Clearly our analysis is failing to capture that certain je ne sais pas.