A Random Walk Down Wall Street – First Run Analysis Using Stock News Sentiment System

I figured I would go off and run the tool on a few prominent tickers, make a prediction for a time period, and revisit later to see how those predictions fared.

Keep in mind, this is rather unscientific.  I’ll be updating throughout the day as the analysis finish. Largely a task illustrating how long this takes to do without architectural enhancements we do in upcoming steps.


Seeing low Fear, Disgust, Tentativeness, High Extraversion. In One Week I expect this stock to be greater than current value.


Perhaps parse this on >1 Anger/Joy, Disgust/Joy Ratio, and relatively high Sadness without any confidence… Predict Lower Stock Price in One Week


Same situation as AAPL, lower stock price


High degree of Sadness and Anger, lower stock price


Elevated Joy and agreeableness, say its an increase in value.

We will see how we do in one week.